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Thank You, Mrs Pitt


THANK YOU, Kerry Washington

+ thank you, jD!

Goodnight, New York

Four Eyes



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Gloria Steinem is 81 Today

Last night I watched the HBO documentary
Gloria: In Her Own Words.
Somehow, I had missed this!

It's a wonderful look at this iconic woman
and her fight for the equal treatment not only of women,
but of all human beings.

What a brilliant, unapologetic babe!

One of my favourite lines in the film:

"There's something in us that knows
you are not the boss of me . . . . "

Mad Whisk Wednesdays

Via Carota, A Love Story

Jody has Buvette, Rita has I Sodi,
both are wonderful West Village gems,
and this, their joint effort, is divine . . . .

"like the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt of Manhattan restaurants" {!!!}

Goodnight, New York

Laurie Simmons : How We See

Against Endings

On the street outside the window
someone is talking to someone else,
a baffling song, no words, only the music
of voices-low contralto of questions,
laughter’s plucked strings-voices in darkness
below stars where someone straddles a bike
up on the balls of his feet, and someone else
stands firm on a curb, her arms crossed, two
dogs. nearby listening to the human duet,
stars falling through a summer night
a sudden car passing, rap song thumping,
but the voices, unhurried, return, obligatos afloat
on the humid air, tiny votives wavering
as porch lights go out-not wanting it to stop-
and Mars rising over the flower shop, up
through the telephone wires

~ Dorianne Laux

watercolour: LOURDES SANCHEZ

Tonight I am . . 
staying in,
binging season 4, and
grateful to be out of my twenties . . .

Sundays in New York

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MADONNA: Living for Love + Still Doing Whatever the Fuck She Wants

Who is Dr Paul Kalinithi? ::

Beautiful + Devastating + the Summary

If you could, would you . . . want to live to be 500 years old?

FINALLY!  I've been preaching this for so long . . . .


Who is Monica Lewinsky?

Welcome back, Monica . . . on YOUR OWN terms.

Aspen, 2012

Who is Sandra Orellana Sears?

The first time I laid eyes on the Stunning Swan
it was as if I had known her forever, not only in this lifetime,
but in a hundred others as well. Over time, as I have gotten to
know her and her family, I am certain that she is my daughter 
by another mother {her mother being a spectacularly, exquisite
Brasilian creature who I have come to love and appreciate as well}.
During my birthday dinner in San Francisco, Sandra presented me with a
bag of little treasures. Knowing that I love and have collected
journals and notebooks my entire life, she snagged a simple Muji
and onto it drew this image of my Virginia, capturing her very essence, not 
only in her eyes, but in her body too. Naturally, I burst into tears.
How did she whip this up so quickly when Virginia had left us 
only days before? But she hadn't. She had been working on this piece
for weeks, as if intuiting the imminence of her departure.
My heart is barely able to write this post now, it hurts so much.
And as I continue to convert missing Bille + Virginia into pure, ecstatic
gratitude for their awesome company and incomparable love,
I am softened and cracked open by the ways in which they
make themselves known to me, as if reassuring me that
they are good, that all is good, and that rather than a void,
their legacy is more space in my heart for unexpected love.

Obrigada, Swanderina.

I love my GinGin Muji.
I love my Egyptian relics.
And the chocolate . . . well, my Mr Mr got into it 
and I never even got a nibble!
At least I have this picture . . ."-)


Didion by Wasser : 1968

She had just published Slouching Towards Bethlehem,
which quickly became a literary sensation,
when these images were taken in Hollywood.

I've always loved the shots with her
Stingray. She looks so linear and fragile against the
muscle and curves of the Corvette.

Jim Krantz @ The Danziger Gallery

I'd never seen Jim Krantz' beautiful, romantic
photographs of the Wild West in anything other than
the Marlboro ads which Richard Prince then appropriated,
{as part of his life long questioning of issues of originality in art}.
The Danziger Gallery has a small show of large, gorgeous prints
spotlighting the fine art aspects of Krantz' work, similar to, but diverging
from the iconic and mythic images he shot for Philip Morris by including
a beautiful, naked cowgirl. Huh?! Sex sells, I know. 
It's the image I gazed at the longest today, so I get it. 
Considering how much clothing and gear the cowboys are wearing 
and how glorified and romanticized the big sky and landscape are
I guess it was inevitable we'd get a Goddess Cowgirl, rather than
a down and dirty, chapped one . . . .

Anyway, read more about Krantz and Prince here.
It's a pretty unique story in the art world....

This is me doing my best
Richard Prince impersonation by
imposing my self onto Krantz' naked Cowgirl.
Not quite the same somehow . . . .