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Bjork is Back!

The Evolution of a Painting :: Layer 2

Warm to Cool

The painting starts with the first layer {above}
and continues to evolve with the second layer {below}

Cool to Warm

The painting starts with the first layer {above}
and continues to evolve with the second layer {below}

Cool to Warm

The painting starts with the first layer {above}
and continues to evolve with the second layer {below}


bristle brushes
foam brushes
palm fronds
spray bottle
bottle caps
pizza cutter

Now hunting for even more unusual things 
with which to make new marks

MAD Missives

Everything is Broken

Good Enough? That's Great

Your Only Problem is Your Mind


First Layers

Let's see where we go from here . . . . 


Well, Old Flame, the fire’s out.
I miss you most at the laundromat.
Folding sheets is awkward work
Without your help. My nip and tuck
Can’t quite replace your hands,
And I miss that odd square dance
We did. Still, I’m glad to do without
Those gaudy arguments that wore us out.
I’ve gone over them often
They’ve turned grey. You fade and soften
Like the hackles of my favorite winter shirt.
You’ve been a hard habit to break, Old Heart.
When I feel for you beside me in the dark,
The blankets crackle with bright blue sparks.

~ Barton Sutter


Sintra, Portugal


The Event + Our Response = Outcome

It is time to stop looking outside yourself 
for the answers to why you haven’t 
created the life and results you want, 
for it is you who creates the quality of the life 
you lead and the results you produce. 
You--no one else! 
To achieve major success in life--
to achieve those things that are most important to you--
you must assume 100% responsibility for your life. 
Nothing less will do.

~ Jack Canfield

from The Success Principles
{ one of my favourite books }

Be Still My Beating Heart

I got this binky for Delta June in Paris this past summer.
Her mama tells me it's the only pacifier she wants! 
Now she is known around the neighborhood as 
La Bebe with Zee Moustache

MADly Inspiring

Culver Academies


MAD Missives


Who is Esther Perel? Her TED talk, her book, and in the NYT

Growing Up on Easy Street Has Its Own Dangers

To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This

Roger Angell: This Old Man 

Who is Laura Munson?

painting: HEATHER DAY

MAD Reads : The Essential Cy Twombly

Tangerine + Ginger Relish

We love salmon around here, especially when caught 
in the beautiful waters off Vancouver Island and delivered 
right to our kitchen by the fisherman and his wife 
(our awesome friends)!

I usually just grill or roast the salmon with olive oil, salt, and pepper
but in the name of upping my game, last night I made this
delicious relish and it was definitely a game changer.

The Mad Whisk is having fun!


4 tangerines, rind + pith removed and segments cut into 1/2 inch pieces

1 scallion, slice thin (1/4 cup)

1 1/2 tsps grated fresh ginger

2 tsps juice from 1 lemon

2 tsps extra virgin olive oil

Pasta Fatta a Mano

There is something about dough that I find intimidating.
Must be some childhood trauma that I can't seem 
to dredge from the recesses of my unconscious mind. 
Anyway, since it brings up anxiety, 
I am tackling it head on so I can get over it and move on.
This exquisite little film, while inspiring, doesn't exactly Whip up
my confidence. La Perfectionista is marching around my head,
yelling and screaming, insisting I stay away from flour!
My point is this year is all about breaking through my self-imposed,
totally ridiculous and often hilarious, 
limitations in the kitchen and getting my Mad Whisk on.

I'll start with bread and make my way over to the pasta table.
My Mr Mr can't decide if this is a good thing or if he is going
to have to run up that mountain instead of just hiking it . . . .

Orange is the New Blanket

Ojai in Architectural Digest

Our wonderful little Shangri-la has been getting a lot
of interesting press lately. It's trending as they say. . . . 
The hip factor is creeping up, with the advent of 
shops like In the Field (by far the hippest store in town),
making it possible to stumble upon something beautiful and cool.

Congratulations Bianca + Channon.
Ojai loves you!

Some feel that fear is okay as a lifestyle 
because they’ve heard that the meek shall inherit the earth. 
So they can go on with being meek as a way of life. 
They become soft-spoken and compliant, 
never standing for themselves; 
always resigned to being a fluffy doormat. 
But scholars now say that in the scriptural texts 
that were translated from the Greek, 
the word praos doesn’t exactly mean “meek” 
as people have always thought. 
In fact, it is more accurate to say it means “disciplined.” 
A very big difference in those translations. 
It’s much more encouraging to now realize 
that the disciplined shall inherit the earth.

~ Steve Chandler 
from Fearless

Jill Platner in The New York Times :: What Took Them So Long!?



Read all about it here.

Who is Jai Vasicek?

This Morning, I Wanted Four Legs

Nothing on two legs weighs much,
or can.
An elephant, a donkey, even a cookstove-
those legs, a person could stand on.
Two legs pitch you forward.
Two legs tire.
They look for another two legs to be with,
to move one set forward to music
while letting the other move back.
They want to carve into a tree trunk:
2gether 4ever.
Nothing on two legs can bark,
can whinny or chuff.
Tonight, though, everything’s different.
Tonight I want wheels.

~ Jane Hirshfield

photographs: PETER BEARD

Bye Bye, Vegas

What happened in Vegas, 
does not stay inVegas.
I carry you with me . . . .