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V + B
Ojai, 2013

When we find ourselves captured by aggression, 
we can remember this: we don’t have to strike out, 
nor do we have to repress what we’re feeling. 
We don’t have to feel hatred or shame. 
We can at least begin to question our assumptions. 
Could it be that whether we are awake or asleep, 
we are simply moving from one dreamlike state to another? 

~ Pema Chodron

Saturday morning the pool fills
with children. Their parents
want them to learn something
preposterous: not just to tread water,
but to move through it as easily as they run
at home from one room to another. Naturally
the miracle of flotation escapes some of them;
however, the believers, buoyant in their faith,
hold their breath and push away from the side.
Face down, arms outstretched, these blessed ones
glide like angels in a fleeting state of grace,
then pop up grinning when they run out of air.
Splashed with success, they hug themselves
happily in the blue-lipped chill.
Meanwhile, the few still clinging to the wall
watch their own number shrink. Small, miserable,
suspicious of their parents for making them
suffer here, they begin to see the arrangement
of things: how easily everyone can turn
away from them when they don’t give in,
how lonely a personal conviction is.

~ Joseph Green


You're funny, I'm interested.
You're not funny, I'm not interested.
I have no interest in gender or race
or anything like that.

~ Jerry Seinfeld

Pretty much . . . .

Puzzled by Picasso

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My Sandwich

So many things
you’d not have thought of
until they were given.
Even the simple -
a cottage cheese sandwich,
a heron’s contractable neck.
You eat. You look.
Then you look back and it’s over.
This life. This flood-
unbargained for as lasting love was -
of lasting oddness.

~ Jane Hirshfield


Hasta Luego, Ojai

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photocollage: ENOC PEREZ

A woman saying yes to a date with a man 
is literally insane, and ill-advised, 
and the whole species’ existence counts on them doing it! 
I don’t know how—how do women still go out with guys 
when you consider that there is no greater threat to women than men? 
We’re the No. 1 threat to women, globally and historically, 
the No. 1 cause of injury and mayhem to women. 
We’re the worst thing that ever happens to them. 
That’s true! 
You know what our No. 1 threat is? 
Heart disease.

~ Louis C.K.

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Baby Baja Lyn Barrios + Her Boyfriend Bille


All of us have this precious human birth. 
We’re fortunate enough not to be starving; 
we’re fortunate enough to have food and shelter; 
we’re fortunate enough to hear the teachings 
and be given methods to wake up; 
we’re fortunate enough to have good intelligence 
and the luxury to explore and question why we and others suffer. 
We have a tremendous amount going for us, 
so this is the crucial time to practice. 

~ Pema Chodron

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Even now, I hear one and I long to leave
without a suitcase or a plan; I want to step
onto the platform and reach for
the porter’s hand and buy a ticket
to some other life; I want to sit
in the big seats and watch fields
turn into rivers or cities. I want to eat
cake on the dining car’s
unsteady tablecloths, to sleep
while whole seasons
slip by. I want to be a passenger
again: a person who hears the name
of a place and stands up, a person
who steps into the steam of arrival.

~ Faith Shearin

painting | HENRI MATISSE

Goodnight, Venice Beach

Hasta Luego, Catalonia

What a wonderful time amongst
old friends and new ones.

Spain, you hold a very special place in my heart.
Still can't get over that room full of Meninas!
Hasta la proxima . . . 


Sundays in Barcelona